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Dear California Idrasil™ Patient,

If you suffer from the pain of Migraine and take Aimovig / Erenumab-aooe, Emgality / Galcanezumab-gnlm, Nurtek ODT / Rimegepant, Ubrelvy – Ubrogepant or Voltaren / Diclofenac, please know that you have the right to a natural, Safe-Choice.

Natural Vs. Chemical

Please understand that all drugs are pharmaceutically known as ‘single-molecule’ chemicals. They are inherently, not Natural. The term ‘Single-molecule’ is a chemical standard which means the drug has been manufactured in a replicable process, in a pharmaceutical-grade laboratory. Natural medicines are similarly manufactured and have been actively removed from the traditional ‘U.S. Pharmacopeia’, in the 1930’s, favoring the ‘Physicians Desk Reference’ (PDR). The PDR solely lists chemicals that are approved only by the FDA, via its’ discriminatory ‘clinical trials’ (INDA) process. Natural medicines are not allowed to be referred to as ‘Drugs’; They are classified as ‘medicinal-food’, ‘dietary-supplements’ or ‘nutraceuticals’. Natural, plant-based medicines have always existed and still perform safely and effectively, throughout human history, globally.

Natural Remedies ARE God’s Medicine

When faced with an ailment, it is imperative to know that you have two (2) options:

1. Choose a Natural Remedy, First.

‘Single-molecule’ chemicals have many dangerous and toxic side effects; Often including organ failure and death. Using a natural option first, is the smart and harm-reductive measure. Idrasil™ for Quality of Life (QoL).

Why take unnecessary Risk?

Many people find easy, natural relief and avoid the toxicity of chemical drugs by using a nutraceutical, first. If you do not find satisfactory relief with Idrasil™, you still have a reserved option:

2. An unnatural, synthetic, single-molecule drug and risk its’ side-effects. Drugs’ efficacy of which is often marginal, when compared to its risks.

Bottom line: Big-pharma does not want you to know that you have 2 medicinal source options: Plant-based or Synthetic. Natural or Chemical.

U.S. society has been conditioned such that when we go to the doctor, we are given our prescription and then fail to read the long, thin paper insert, with the tiny print, that tells you the multitude of ways this drug could harm or, even kill you. Google ‘Meaning of Black Box Warning’. Knowledge is Power. Ever noticed how during TV drug ads, they stealthily down-modulate the voice, obscuring all the harmful side effects?

You’re not supposed to hear the negative side-effects! Rather, remember the drug name, visit their website and always “Ask Your Doctor”.

Always, Ask Your Doctor for Idrasil™, First!

Prescribers Sig Idrasil™ 25Mg, PRN for QoL.

© C3® 2020

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