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How do I prescribe Idrasil™ ?

On your standard Doctors Prescription pad, “Idrasil 25mg, PRD / Qd”

Is it Legal for Doctors to prescribe Idrasil™?

Please become informed with the following applicable information Links and take it upon yourself to become further educated and informed in support of “The Quality of Life” for your Patients.

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Medical Board of California link:

California Health & Safety Code:

California Senate Bill SB420:

California Compassionate Use Act / Prop 215:

Physician’s Responsibility:

Is Idrasil™ reimbursable by Insurance?

YES, by private insurance, HMO or better

Adverse Indications?

Very few, as Cannabis is generally used as a Harm Reduction Agent:

Our mission is to provide safe access to IDRASIL™, a patent pending advancement in standardization and administering natural cannabinoids in a pill, for the injured, sick and dying. IDRASIL™ is a holistic alternative to addictive opiates and life threatening narcotics without euphoria.



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